The Others


I heart Halle Berry. Well actually, I could less about Halle and her dating life. However, I am jealous that she’s snagged one of the ones on my cute white boy list. Now, now, that is not to say I don’t love the brothers. However, there are quite a few of the “others” who catch my attention and nurture my ridiculous pop culture obsessions (read more about the most recent here), but back to Halle.

Last week, Media Takeout reported that Halle was dating the oh-so-fine Oliver Martinez (I still can’t watch Unfaithful without blushing). Not a big deal you say? I agree. But it was their headline:


That gave me pause. I WILL NOT make this post about everything that is absurdly ridiculous with that statement (Halle Berry had a pretty solid track record with the bros: Wesley Snipes, Christopher Williams, David Justice, Eric Benet…), but instead I will use it to throw Halle some sister love. I too am guilty of loving lightly—it really is a running joke with my friends. From the Prince William (yes the-soon-to-be-if-his-grandmother-departs-this-life soon-and-his-father-steps-aside-monarch)-themed gifts back in college, and Vin Diesel fan flicks, to my own mother questioning the paternity of her now, chocolate-drop grandchild, who initially popped out more pale than a bedazzled vampire in Forks, my not-so-secret obsession is the source of many friendly jokes.

If you ask me, I fancy myself more of a purveyor of diversity—it’s not simply a black and white thing. But in support of H.B., I’ve decided to publicly ogle the sources of many fantasies and offer you the opportunity to do the same.This list is partial at best. And I would preface it by saying majority of the list earned their spots based on a character I loved, movie I liked (no matter how BAD, and some of them were!) or individual thing that they did. That is all. I don’t love everything they do and wouldn’t rush out to see something just because they were in it. As a matter of fact, only the first three have been in constant rotation on this “list” since it’s inception (sometime back in college). Everyone else has changed. Some fall off, others are added, but none are constant.


Brad Pitt

Brad has always been there. From back in The Favor and Thelma and Louise days, I’ve counted this golden boy among my favorite things to look at on screen. Give me some credit, I sat through Meet Joe Black just to look at him! That has to be worth something!

Johnny Depp

Like Pitt, Depp has been on my list FOREVER! He Brad often flip-flop between first and second place, but still are my numeros Uno and Dos. It also doesn’t hurt to know that he enjoys a little bit of Chocolat.

Robert DeNiro

This is old school, but who doesn’t love Bobby D?! His appeal is not so much obviously physical as it is swagger. He’s got it and he probably could still get it at 67.

Orlando Bloom

I must qualify this inclusion by saying that this is not a permanent placement. As a matter of fact, since POTC 2,3 and probably 4, he’s been off my list. As a matter of fact, the only reason he was there in the first place was because he used to be blond, spoke in elfish and was wicked with an arrow. Shout out to LOTR!

Hayden Christensen

Much like Orlando, I was caught up in the whole Dark Lord (wait, that’s Harry Potter, right?!), Darth Vader hype. The only reason I won’t remove him is he was an integral part of the recent eye-candy extravaganza that masqueraded as an action flick (a pretty good one at that) Takers.

Paul Walker

Speaking of Takers, Paul Walker is definitely a fav on my white boy list. As a HUGE fan of the original Fast & Furious (and The Skulls–hey it works with my inner-conspiracy theorist…no accounting for taste!), I just thing he’s the cutest thing since Tickle Me Elmo!

Shia LeBeouf

Shia is my current fave. I remember him from Project Greenlight when he was like what 12?! Back then I thought he was just a foul-mouthed little jerk, who should be punched in his mouth for the way he spoke to his mother. Now, I can appreciate the actor he’s developed into. Really, I dig his ability as well as his looks. But it was primarily swagger that earned him his spot.

Ryan Phillipe

I was sad to see he and Reese part, but always was fascinated by his pretty-boy appeal. Definitely high on my rankings’ list.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo’s hear because I like him, not just the actor, but him as a person. I dig that he drives a Prius (appeals to my green girl) and that he seems so unaffected by his fame. I also a fan of many of his films. His placement is way more than skin deep because I enjoy his work (The Beach notwithstanding). I think he’s talented…and it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute.

This list could go on forever, but we’ll end it here…for now!


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  1. Sorry, Sis, but Shia is off limits. I claimed him all the way back when he was in “Holes.” Back then, he wasn’t cute, he just had potential. A girl’s gotta get points for sticking through the hurtin’ years. LOL