Yep, I KNEW It!


It was only a matter of time. If the marked irritability, caffeine withdrawal shaking, and lethargy were not indicative enough, waking up this morning passed out on my computer—I was using it as a pillow—drives home the point that I was tired.

Last thing I remember, I was working on my assignment, I’d put in my eye drops, and said I’ll let them sit for five minutes, finish my school work, take a 2-hour nap, and then go to the store. What happened was that I started this last post, when my eyes started hurting, so I put in my eye drops and well, the rest went like this:

It was all really dreamlike. And came to me as a train of thought.

PJs on. Leave your mom alone. I ate spaghetti. Mommy I have to potty! Get out of there. Where is Caden’s shirt? Mommy you still sleep? Mom I’m getting my pajamas. Shh, mom’s sleep. You hungry?. Turn your ringer off. I closed the garage. You know your computer’s on? Get back in the bed! Nite, nite babe.

I know that doesn’t make sense, but that is exactly as I remember it. What it means is that the world didn’t end because I wasn’t functional, and someone else handled things while I rested. Sure the dirty clothes ended up in the clean hamper, the dishes are STILL in the sink, and toys litter the family room. But the life went on—imagine that!

Now to tackle this kitchen…


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