Second Time Around



Joy Journey: Day 2

I felt some kind of way (to my psychologist friend who hates the lack of emotion articulated by that phrase, I included it just for you), about growing older. Forty was much closer than 30 was and I was not fully on team over the hill.

Still, I’d accepted my fate and was determined to find joy in this new year of life. This post isn’t about how I found it though; it’s about how I stopped keeping an accurate count of birthdays and my inability to count resulted in birthday bliss.

As I noshed on Gouda grits and calamari with a best bud, I mentioned what it felt like to be [insert the age I’m not telling here]. As I talked through all the positives, she interrupted me and said, “You’re not ___!” To which I replied, “I am. I just turned __ today.”

Doesn’t she think I know how old I am?! Yeessh! Anyway, as she went on about how old she was and how we’d never been the same age, I realized that I’d gone all of last year and the first month of 2014 adding an extra year to my life. I cannot even express my absolute JOY in realizing I’m only [insert the age I’m not telling here]!

I feel like I received a cosmic do-over or something. A second chance and I’m getting it right this go ’round.

Let’s get it!


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