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Joy Journey: Day 5

There is nothing like losing myself in a fictional world and being carried away by story lines of intrigue, corniness, action and adventure, romance, or ones of historical or cultural significance. I love to read popular fiction, historical novels, young adult books, whatever.

When I need a little trashy angst, it’s all about the Fifty Shades series, when I’m missing my youth I channel John Hughes and devour the Twilight series, re-read Vampire Diaries, or The Hunger Games. When life lacks adventure or intrigue, I pick up the Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) or lose myself in feudal Japan by way of the Sano Ichiro mysteries by Laura Joh Rowland. My most recent reads, courtesy of my big sis, paid homage to Black History Month and the complicated relationships between masters and slaves (House Girl and Wench).

It’s not an issue of good and bad. I’ll be the first to agree that Fifty Shades isn’t Tolkien, but it’s an easy, fun read — escapism at its best. See, joy can be found I between the sheets (of paper that is!)


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