With such varied interests, I found it really impossible to create a blog on just one subject, so I chose them all. It gives me room to touch on all the issues that I care about (and many that I don’t, but still have an opinion on). So what makes Feminine Phat different from any other general interest blog? Well my witty entertaining and informative content, of course! Every page of this blog will cover an area of my life that could be helpful (or just entertain you).

Who exactly am I you ask? I’m glad you did! I’m a trained journalist with more than a decade experience in print and another five in top editing (a fancy way of saying I now edit other editors). I actually do more than that, but what I do isn’t the focus of this blog. No, this blog is is more about who I am. It’s personal. If my life could be a magazine, this blog is kinda what it would look like–relationships, advice (given and received), pop culture, news, and entertaining randomness.

Welcome to my world. Welcome to Feminine Phat.


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