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All Eyes On Me



Joy Journey: Day 3

Those Facebook videos. I absolutely loved mine and would’ve posted it sooner if I could have figured out how to (no share button showed up at first).

I remember first hearing about the social networking site in 2005 from my cousin, who was in college a at the time, when she came for a visit. It was the first time I really started to feel a little, well old and out of touch.

Fast forward almost 10 years and I’m a pro at this Facebook thing. And not just Facebook, but Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest too. I appreciate the ability to stay connected with those with whom I would’ve long ago lost touch, and the opportunity to network with colleagues and others.

As simple and understated as Facebook’s rollout of its 10th Anniversary tributes was, the “noise” they created was massive. The evolution of my start on the site, from throwback pictures of myself and my single carefree life, to weddings, pregnancy and kids’ birthday parties, was nicely summed up in one minute.
Add to that milestones like completing graduate degrees, switching jobs, etc. and the story of my life (well a well-produced snapshot) is worth watching again and again.